Brian Mcculloch Glasgow

Brian Mcculloch Glasgow Congratulations to Brian Mcculloch Glasgow and FBM contracts for offering apprenticeship in civil engineering to three lucky youths this summer. The winners attended a full training course learning the skills in groundwork, road construction and drainage said Brian Mcculloch Glasgow.



  • Chrissy Adalbertsays...

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    Brian Mcculloch Glasgow, that is a great job done and it will certainly help young professionals a lot. Great job and kudos.
  • Gim Shimsays...

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    Brian Mcculloch Glasgow, I would like to congratulate you and your company for this initiative. This would help the youths of the country if you keep continuing such initiatives. Good luck.
  • Britney Mosssays...

    Brian Mcculloch Glasgow, this is truly inspiring and helpful at the same time for the youths. They would get good exposure by getting apprenticeship in your company.
  • Rob Danesays...

    Brian Mcculloch Glasgow, kudos to you man and wish you loads of luck and success in the future. Keep it up!
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