26 Mar 2015 16:30

Thug faces jail for attack on family friend

A VIOLENT thug left a close family friend for dead just yards from the front door of his home after having a ‘square go’ with him.


26 Mar 2015 15:30

Hopping mad over exotic animal threat

A JOHNSTONE pet shop is backing a campaign which allows responsible pet owners to keep exotic animals in their homes.


26 Mar 2015 09:15

Gary would make our wedding day the greatest

A LOVED-UP couple have launched a campaign inviting singing star Gary Barlow along to give them their ‘happy ever’ after by appearing at their wedding.


25 Mar 2015 12:30

Johnstone man's 'murder' threats to boss

A DRUNKEN Johnstone delivery driver repeatedly phoned 999 to tell police he was going to murder his boss.


20 Mar 2015 07:20 • Lisa Boyle

Detectives investigate ‘possible link’ between shop robberies

POLICE are investigating the possibility that an armed robbery in Johnstone could be linked to another one in Kilbarchan.


15 Mar 2015 18:30 • Lisa Boyle

Pedal power fuelled by beloved grandad

LOSING his grandfather was one of the toughest moments Grahame Fyfe ever had to face.


12 Mar 2015 15:30 • Lisa Boyle

Award glory is a vote of confidence in Johnstone

THE new £14.5m town hall in Johnstone has been revealed as one of the best new commercial and public property developments in Scotland.


11 Mar 2015 16:20 • Lisa Boyle

BREAKING: Tragic Elderslie man dies in horror road smash

A DAD from Elderslie has died following a horror road crash yesterday afternoon (Tuesday).


11 Mar 2015 13:39

Savage Johnstone gang member destroyed victim's life

A JOHNSTONE brute has been jailed for his role in a savage robbery that destroyed the victim’s life and turned him into a virtual recluse.


6 Mar 2015 09:30

Johnstone town hall wins prestigious award

THE new £14.5m town hall in Johnstone has been revealed as one of the best new commercial and public property developments in Scotland.


5 Mar 2015 09:30 • Lisa Boyle

Fears raised over deadly game played at Johnstone train station

HUGH Henry has spoken of his alarm at hearing about young kids dicing with death by running across rail tracks at a Johnstone train station.


2 Mar 2015 11:30

BREAKING: Woman struck by car in Johnstone

A WOMAN suffered severe injuries after being hit by a car in Johnstone.


25 Feb 2015 09:25 • Lisa Boyle

Johnstone woman's sacrifice for sex swap op

A COURAGEOUS transgender woman lived in a cafe for THREE years to save enough cash to pay for a sex change operation.


25 Feb 2015 09:00 • Lisa Boyle

Johnstone kids dice with death on the rail tracks

RECKLESS children are dicing with death by playing chicken with trains in Johnstone.


19 Feb 2015 17:00 • Lisa Boyle

Community council’s Johnstone parking misery gripe

FED-UP residents are being driven up the wall by persistent parking problems in Johnstone town centre.


18 Feb 2015 17:00 • Lisa Boyle

Town hall will be Johnstone’s jewel in the crown

A COUNCILLOR has hailed a £14.5 million town hall as ‘a crown in the jewel’ of Johnstone after being given a special preview of the facility.


14 Feb 2015 09:30

Council aims to deliver on housing promise

PLANS to erect 1000 new affordable homes in Renfrewshire could be delivered by 2020.


10 Feb 2015 12:49

Johnstone rapist behind bars

A LAW student who raped two partners and sexually assaulted a third has been jailed for 10 years.


2 Feb 2015 17:00

Pole attack thug avoids jail - again

A THUG who battered a man with a metal pole in a Johnstone street has dodged jail for the third time - in the one court case.


29 Jan 2015 11:50

BREAKING: Johnstone rape accused appears in court

A MAN is to stand trial charged with raping a young woman at a cycle track in Johnstone.


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