18 Dec 2014 15:00

Johnstone’s Christmas gift to grieving family

FAMILY and friends have rallied round to help a woman and her younger siblings enjoy Christmas after their mother suddenly passed away.


18 Dec 2014 09:00 • Lisa Boyle

Kind Johnstone duo a credit to town

TWO selfless schoolgirls have been honoured for their community spirit at Renfrewshire’s police recognition awards.


17 Dec 2014 15:30 • Rory Cassidy

Bottle shame ends in jail term for Johnstone boy racer

A JOHNSTONE boy racer was left shell-shocked this week after he was jailed for throwing a plastic bottle at a police officer.


17 Dec 2014 13:30 • Rory Cassidy

Chef avoids jail after lawyer’s job loss plea

A Johnstone man avoided a stint behind bars this week because locking him up would lose him his job.


17 Dec 2014 11:30 • Rory Cassidy

Brother’s tragic loss triggered downfall

A grieving brother who turned to drink to cope with the tragic loss of a loved one has dodged jail for sinking his teeth into a policeman.


15 Dec 2014 09:30

OAP struck by car in Johnstone

A PENSIONER suffered a head injury when she was struck by a car in Johnstone Town Centre.


10 Dec 2014 15:30 • Lisa Boyle

Time to tackle wreck next to new Johnstone town hall

A DERELICT building is casting a shadow over Johnstone’s new multi-million pound town hall ... before it’s even been built.


4 Dec 2014 11:30 • Lisa Boyle

Hero son saves dying mum’s life at funeral

A HEROIC Johnstone man saved his mother’s life when she collapsed and almost died at a funeral.


4 Dec 2014 09:00

Thief confronts Johnstone pensioner as she lays in bed

A JOHNSTONE pensioner was rudely awoken by a sneak-in thief standing at the foot of her bed as he rifled through her clothes this week.


3 Dec 2014 15:30 • Lisa Boyle

Heartbreak as mum dies after sickness bug

A DEVASTATED daughter has paid tribute to her “amazing and beautiful mum” who has died suddenly aged just 44.


3 Dec 2014 11:30 • Rory Cassidy

Banished thug’s bid to return to Johnstone

A VIOLENT thug who was banned from living in Johnstone after battering a man in the street has launched a bid to return to the town, The Gazette can reveal.


2 Dec 2014 20:00 • Lisa Boyle

EXCLUSIVE: Heartbreak as mum dies after sickness bug

A MUM of five has died suddenly after falling ill from a sickness bug.


2 Dec 2014 17:00

Metal thefts warning

LIVES are being put at risk once again as the number of metal thefts in Renfrewshire continue to soar.


28 Nov 2014 09:30

Johnstone to light up this weekend

JOHNSTONE is lining up a festival of festive fun at the weekend when the town’s Christmas lights are turned on in the town centre.


19 Nov 2014 14:00 • Rory Cassidy

Shock over possible relocation of Johnstone facility

A CONTROVERSIAL recycling plant in Johnstone could soon relocate almost two years after it went up in flames.


14 Nov 2014 12:00

Teen’s shock at fine for dropping her bus ticket

A TEENAGER has told of her shock in being given an £80 fine — after accidentally dropping a bus ticket in the street.


14 Nov 2014 09:00 • Lisa Boyle

Danger of one punch

A JOHNSTONE man who was left fighting for his life after a one-punch attack now suffers from epilepsy as a result of the trauma.


13 Nov 2014 11:30

Poorly otter found in Johnstone

A POORLY young otter found in a Johnstone garden is recovering in the Scottish SPCA’s care.


12 Nov 2014 16:00

Johnstone railway station car park

RAILWAY bosses are steaming ahead with plans for a brand new car park at Johnstone Railway Station.


12 Nov 2014 14:00 • Lisa Boyle

Non-smokin’ Joe KOs deadly cigarette habit

PUFFING on a cigarette was once the only thing that made Joe Callery feel like he fitted in with the crowd.


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