Finding the right gift for someone is always tricky, but a present that often goes down well is a beautiful canvas print that perfectly encompasses an unforgettable moment. Having your picture enlarged on a high quality canvas can be much more ideal for preserving a memory than the conventional method of placing a glossy image in a traditional frame. There are a whole host of advantages to having your canvas prints as gifts for friends or family, and below we’ll talk you through why you should seriously consider it the next time you need inspiration.

Something to cherish forever Unlike a glossy print which can easily be damaged, a canvas print is made of sturdy material that can last for years to come. After all, there’s a reason why there are paintings in art galleries that have been around for centuries, while photos are very rarely seen even just a few years after production. This is because of the canvas itself, which not only allows for incredible detail but is made of sturdy materials that won’t let you down. As long as they aren’t overly exposed to extreme sunlight for long periods then you should be able to keep them for a lifetime.

Professional look If you want to gift something that really looks professional then you can’t do much better than a canvas print. Colours and lines come out superbly, and it helps to make your photo look more like a piece of artwork than a random snap you’ve simply selected from a camera. The difference is almost like seeing the variation between a poster and a painting, with the painting looking much more professional and something you can keep on the wall for a long time. They also look great wherever they’re placed, so whoever the lucky recipient is has a lot of different options.

Three dimensional While traditional photos tend to be flat against the wall, a canvas print stands out and really grabs your attention. With framed canvas prints you can draw even more attention to the image and it’s sure to be a focal point of whatever room you put it in. Another huge benefit of canvas prints is how customisable they can be, so you can choose the type of frame and the size, selecting whatever goes better with your particular image.

Giving somebody a gorgeous canvas print as a gift is a great idea, as they make ideal presents that can be cherished forever. With such a professional and three dimensional look that grabs your attention, it’s no wonder so many people are choosing canvas prints when they want to decorate their homes. Having your picture transformed into a gorgeous canvas print has never been easier thanks to Parrot Print and their combination of premium canvas with award winning satin varnish.