SHEEP are lucky to be alive following a ferocious blaze at at an Erskine farm. Six fire engines were called to the scene at Linburn Farm after a fire broke out when hay caught fire to an electric heater inside one of the barns.

Owners of the farm were alerted by neighbours when the fire broke out last Monday (April 1) at around 12.20am.

More than 40 animals were evacuated and although some sheep were slightly singed by the flames, luckily no farm animals were killed by the incident.

Graham Auld, owner of Linburn Farm, said: "We are tremendously thankful to our neighbours Chris and Jennifer Dunn who alerted us before the incident became more serious.

"We also cannot thank Strathclyde Fire and Rescue enough for coming to the scene so quickly and making sure the animals were safe.

"It was an inferno fire and some of the sheep were slightly burned but we are just grateful that they are okay.

"We would also love to thank Kilbarchan Vet practice for all their help in taking care of the animals."