Linwood Active were awarded the four-figure sum last week by the Linwood and Riverside Local Area Committee.

The charity will use the cash to kit Kintyre Park out with adult exercise equipment.

And the award comes just as organisers are putting the finishing touches on plans for a fun day at the park later this month.

The fun day will take place on Sunday, September 29, and is also being organised by the Linwood Active Team.

Both developments have been hailed by Audrey Doig, SNP Councillor for the area.

She said: “I would like to thank the LAC for their support for the Linwood Active bid, and I am sure generations of Linwood families will have cause to thank them for decades to come.

“Already the Linwood Active team are organising a fantastic fun day at Kintyre Park with the newly formed Linwood Active Communities Team to the fore.

The councillor believes the whole community can benefit from the cash award.

She said: “Linwood as a community is now definitely on the up and up as the Tesco Linwood moves on apace, soon with this equipment health levels will be up and up as well for older adults.

“Linwood Active put a strong case before the LAC that now Kintyre Park can be a wrap around family experience, which in these financially difficult times for families with children is really important.

“Mums, dads, and even grandparents, can join in the exercise at the same time as the kids when the new equipment comes, and this is quality, free fun for everyone as exercise releases endorphines, which are a kind of happy hormone.

“Not only does exercise on things like the adult exercise equipment raise mood and combat depression, it can also reduce stress, reduce the risk of dementia, and promote better sleep.

“And GP’s at the Linwood Health Centre would, I am sure, be very quick to tell you that regular and steady exercise for older people can lower rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even reduce the chance of strokes or cancer.”