Computer whizz-kids are flocking to special clubs in schools across Renfrewshire to learn all about digital coding.

Organisers hope skills picked up by the S1 / 2 youngsters will help them become the next generation of digital experts.

A variety of fun methods are used to guide the youngsters through the intricacies of coding - including making music, with Star Wars and Katy Perry providing inspiration.

The popularity of the clubs, which has the youngsters using the BBC Micro:Bit, has delighted organisers, West College Scotland.

The clubs have launched successfully in three Renfrewshire secondary schools: Paisley Grammar School, St Benedict's High School in Linwood and Renfrew High School.

The clubs have received funding from Skills Development Scotland's recently launched its Digital Xtra project.

Amanda Ford from WCS said: "The project will provide the pupils with the opportunity to learn how to code with the Micro:Bit as well as other engaging activities.

"As the clubs progress and the pupils enhance their abilities and knowledge, we will aim to take this further and connect the Micro:Bit to speakers and program it to play music.

"They can also try connecting it to conductive objects to create their very own unique controller for playing games with or connecting Micro:Bits together to play games with friends.”

Chris Wilson, computing teacher at St Benedict's High School, praised the club's success, saying: “We had a whole lab full of pupils turning up after school in their own time. The best thing was the gender split - exactly 50/50!

"It's really great to see so many girls taking a genuine interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and coding in particular.”

He added: “The hands-on Micro:Bit coding is going down really well with the pupils. I think the idea of writing code to run on a physical device they hold in their hand gives them something extra.

"All pupils seem to have a love for technology and creativity so the Micro:Bit exercises really appealed to them. The staff and students from WCS have been absolutely fantastic with our pupils and I’d definitely recommend the club to any schools who missed out first time around.”

St Benedict's S2 pupil Kristin said: “I like the coding club because I feel in this modern age coding skills become important in most jobs and is an added skill in life.” Toni, also S2 at St Benedict’s said: “All students should know how to code, this club makes it fun!”