THE SNP are set to run Renfrewshire Council as a minority administration despite intially suggesting forming a coalition with the Labour party.

At the first full meeting of members this morning, Nationalists Cllr Iain Nicolson and Cllr Jim Paterson were elected as leader and deputy leader respectively.

Meanwhile Cllr Lorraine Cameron was chosen as Provost and Cllr Cathy McEwan was elected deputy provost.

Initial talks between the SNP and Labour did take place but no power-sharing agreement was reached.

Cllr Nicolson said: "We are very dissapointed that Labour did not engage better with us.

"We had a face-to-face meeting with Cllr Eddie Devine but since then it has just been silence from them.

"We will need to work with all the groups to get a budget through.

"It's easy sitting there with a majority but this will be hard work.

"I hope Labour do engage with us in the future because there is no majority and we have to work with everyone. We need all the groups to work with us."