VOLUNTEERS at a Johnstone sports hub have been left “heartbroken” after vandals ruined their pitches.

Scars were left in the surface of the grounds at Johnstone Community Sports Complex as a motorbike was driven around the pitches last week.

It’s believed vandals have been performing ‘doughnuts,’ taking huge gouges out of the grassy area on Howwood Road.

Mark McGee, secretary of Thorn Athletic and treasurer of the committee that runs the centre, said: “This is absolutely heartbreaking for us at a time when we are spending money trying to restore the surface.

“We already have a massive problem with dog fouling and littering everywhere in the park and on the three sports fields. This is stopping children participating in sport.

“Doing further damage causes nothing but more inconvenience and grief to those working hard to enhance the park for the enjoyment of all.”

This incident isn’t the first time the sports hub has been targeted.

Two years ago, police were called after quadbikes were used to damage the grass.

It comes after the former McMaster Centre was given £150,000 of Lottery funding to redevelop its facilities in 2014.

Almost 500 people of all ages use the hub each week, from mother-and-toddler groups to older adults.

The centre is run by a committee of volunteers who help with the day-to-day running.

Mark said: “The pitch has since been reseeded and fertilised but the whole incident is very disappointing.

“This is not the first time this has happened and things get worse at this time of year, especially involving quadbikes.

“It costs money for repairs and disrupts the clubs that are booked in.

“It is disheartening to see members of the community destroying things for their own amusement.”

Sergeant Alan Mack, who is based at Johnstone Police Office, said: “Vandalism will not be tolerated. Anyone who has information about an act of vandalism is asked to call the police on 101.”