JOHNSTONE residents have been left baffled after learning that a speed camera installed at an accident blackspot can only catch dodgy drivers heading in one direction.

The safety measure has been installed on Beith Road, where there have been a number of serious accidents – including two fatal crashes – in recent years.

However, it is only able to snare speedsters who are heading westbound, while those travelling east aren’t covered.

Sam Torrance, who lives in the area, said: “I can’t imagine traffic only speeds in one direction.

“There have been lots of accidents and I think it’s a bit silly not to have cameras monitoring traffic both ways.”

The fixed camera has been put in place near the junctions of Rannoch Road and Quarrelton Road, close to the West Johnstone Shared Schools Campus.

Connor Sanderson, 21, was killed on Beith Road in 2014 when his car ploughed into a tree.

And, just one month earlier, teacher Frankie King died when she was hit by a car near the junction with Rannoch Drive.

Police have said the new camera should help to slow all traffic, despite it only surveying westbound vehicles.

Alan Thomson, manager of Police Scotland’s West Safety Camera Unit, told the Gazette: “We regularly review injury collision statistics, which highlighted Beith Road as a road with a disproportionate speed-related injury collision profile.

“Our analysis showed westbound traffic was more at risk.

“While all options to encourage drivers to comply with the speed limit were considered, the final decision was to install a fixed speed camera.

“The camera position was carefully chosen and is where it’ll be highly visible to traffic travelling in either direction and before the part-time 20mph speed limit on the westbound approach to the schools campus.

“Safety cameras of this type have been shown to influence speeds in both directions.”