A YOUNG mum attacked an online bully after the troll’s campaign of abuse caused her to delete all of her social media accounts, a court has heard.

Samantha Miller, 18, “saw red” after bumping into Naimh Haggerty in a club in Paisley.

She launched a violent assault, during which she tore out a clump of Miss Haggerty’s hair.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard that Miller had to delete her Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram accounts because of an online campaign waged by Miss Haggerty.

And she could not contain her emotions when she saw Miss Haggerty on a night out, dragging her to the ground and raining punches on her head.

Miller’s attack was so violent that a clump of her victim’s hair was left on the floor of Fantoosh nightclub, in New Street.

The details emerged last week as Miller, of Paisley, appeared in the dock to admit her guilt over the events of July 8 this year.

Procurator fiscal depute Maureen McGovern said the attack, which was captured on CCTV, happened at about 1am.

She added: “The accused grabbed Miss Haggerty by the hair, wrapping her hair around her hand and dragging Miss Haggerty to the ground.

“The accused then started to punch Miss Haggerty repeatedly to her head.

“All Miss Haggerty could do was put her hands up to her head in an attempt to fend off some of the blows.

“A member of the security staff was notified and he pulled the accused off Miss Haggerty.”

Miller, who has no previous convictions, was thrown out of the club and the police were called.

Defence solicitor advocate Chris McKenna said Miller, a single mum with a one-year-old child, had snapped because she had been bullied by Miss Haggerty online.

He added: “They were friends - there is a background to this.

“There was a party the week before, the accused was at that party and was very sober. The complainer was very volatile and her behaviour was quite erratic and, during the course of the party, started to pick on the accused.

“She tried to ignore her and tried not to rise to it and the complainer was ejected from the party while the accused remained within the party.

“She woke up the next morning to find out all her social circle had contacted her to accuse her of being unfaithful to her boyfriend.

“The complainer had effectively started a social media campaign and it all got so out of hand, so much so the accused had to delete all her social media accounts, including Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. The accused was very angry, clearly, as she was entirely blameless.

“They bumped into each other by accident. That night, she called her over to sort it out but Miss Haggerty ignored her the first time and then smirked at her.

“The accused then saw red.

“She is extremely ashamed of her actions and remorseful.”

Sheriff Tom McCartney fined Miller £270 for the offence, reduced from £400 as she admitted her guilt.