YOUNGSTERS looking to be the next big hit on stage gathered at the McCallum School of Music for an open day to test out their acting, singing and performance skills.

The Paisley school, run by singer and musician Angela McCallum, has been operating as a music facility for five years but is now introducing acting to Renfrewshire’s budding performers through the Musicality Theatre School.

X Factor finalist Emily Middlemas was tutored at the school and Angela said she benefited as a performer from being educated in the different disciplines.

She added: “I have a background in musical theatre and I want to use my experience to bring the arts to families in one place.

“Emily was not a musical theatre singer but, from being around what I do, she learnt how to write songs, how to move on the stage and make herself look better on it, as well as how to sing.

“It’s much easier for parents if they can take their kids to one place for different classes, rather than going from pillar to post.

“I have found there are lots of places to learn the arts in Renfrewshire but I don’t think there’s anywhere where you can learn different disciplines in one place.

“I’m really looking forward to working with our new recruits.”

Around 40 families went along to the music school on Saturday, with youngsters able to show their skills by having a go at playing the guitar and piano.

There was also the chance to sing and do some dressing up.

The school tutors children aged from three to 16.

Anyone who would like to know more should contact Angela on 0784 901 2649.