AN Erskine baggage handler who helped to defeat terrorists during an attack on Glasgow Airport donated £2,100 to charity in 2007.

John Smeaton gave half of the money pledged to him by fans on the internet to injured ex-servicemen and women cared for by the Erskine charity.

Brave John cashed in half of the 1,400 pints that were paid for him online and wanted to donate the money to those returning from operations with injuries and those who had served their country in past conflicts.

This donation coincided with the start of a six-month project which saw Erskine working in partnership with the Ministry of Defence to draw awareness of efforts being made to care for veterans injured in modern day conflicts.

John said at the time: “These people deserve the money more than me and are bigger heroes than I am.

“They fought for their country and many of them did heroic deeds under fire, something which I don’t think I could have done.”

Erskine’s youngest veteran, 22-year-old John Stonham, who was injured in Iraq, said: “He was a really nice guy and spent hours chatting to all of the veterans.”