A TEENAGE singer-songwriter from Paisley has been included in a list of the UK’s top 100 up-and-coming musical talents.

The showcase, compiled by Salute UK, features more than 50 different nationalities and every genre, from heavy metal to classical music.

And 17-year-old Lisa Kowalski is among those who have been selected to take part in the Salute UK grand final.

She said she is delighted her song ‘I Do’ has made it to this stage of the competition, as her video submission was just a “rough recording” made during her fortnightly singing lesson and features her first attempt at playing it on keyboard, rather than guitar.

Lisa added: “It’s an honour to have been voted into the top 100 of a competition that was entered into by so many talented artists.

“Things like this really boost my confidence and only make me want to work harder.

“This is so exciting for me and to get to the top six would be absolutely incredible.”

I Do was written by Lisa when she was in the midst of a break-up and she has played it live at events such as the Mugstock Festival.

The Salute competition has a unique voting system, utilising Facebook Messenger to run a moving scoreboard.

Voting will end on Friday, October 27.

If Lisa wins, she will secure a cash prize that would allow her to fund the next recording she has planned to coincide with her 18th birthday in February.

To vote, visit www.salutemusic.uk and click the link to Facebook Messenger, where you can pick your favourite track.