A TALENTED schoolgirl had a Hollywood hellraiser shaking in his boots when she met up with him in Los Angeles.

Trinity High pupil Victoria Closs had Jack Osbourne – son of ‘Prince of Darkness’ Ozzy Osbourne – a bag of nerves before he was set to interview her after she appeared in The X Factor in 2007.

However, down-to-earth singer Victoria managed to calm down the adrenaline junkie as he talked to her about her progress on the hit show.

The 15-year-old Renfrew pupil said: “Sharon Osbourne, who was my mentor, was really nice and took us and all the crew members out for a meal.

“I also met her son Jack Osbourne too.

“He came along and he also interviewed me for the Xtra Factor.

“I could tell he was nervous doing it but once he started chatting to me he was fine.

“I didn’t fancy him or anything - he’s not my type - but he was a really nice guy and I liked him a lot.”

The fifth year student had been enjoying celebrity status at school since the programme has been aired and said she was overwhelmed with the attention she had been receiving.

She told The Gazette at the time: “It’s good to see new first years coming in looking excited but now they have been even more excited because they’ve met someone who was on TV.”

Sadly for Victoria, her X Factor adventure was cut short as she narrowly missed out on a place in the live show.

Victoria was left disappointed when Sharon left her out of her final group of performers.

The singer felt the reason she could have been eliminated was because she too ‘boring’ for television.