FED-UP residents in Johnstone are demanding action after claiming the town has been invaded by rats.

Jeanette and John Armour, who live in William Street, are among those who say the rodents are making life a misery.

There have also been a number of sightings of rats near to Johnstone Sports Hub and in the Johnstone Castle housing estate.

The unwelcome guests have also been spotted at the former Benston garage, in Beith Road.

Renfrewshire Council has said work is taking place to tackle the problem, which experts say is heightened at this time of year as rodents abandon their summer habitats and seek food and shelter indoors.

Jeanette, 33, who is a council tenant, told The Gazette: “My husband and I – as well as others in the close – have had a rat problem for a while now.

“My psychologist has tried to get in touch with the housing officer to explain how detrimental the situation is to my mental health and anxiety but her calls were never returned.”

Flora Busby has also been left spooked by the rat invasion.

She said: “I saw a massive rat running along Beith Road.

“It went into the bushes. The kids and I were terrified.

“Rats are vermin, so we need to get rid of them.”

A council spokeswoman said it has been liaising with residents to “address the matter and gain access to investigate any issues with vermin.”

She added: “This includes tackling overhanging trees and bushes in the grounds of the property.”

The council also stressed that work had been scheduled for a number of properties in William Street.