CREATIVE students from West College Scotland joined forces with retail giant IKEA to come up with new ideas for home products.

It is the fifth year that Creative Industry students at the Paisley campus have collaborated with IKEA.

Around 140 students who are learning about film, design, art and photography took part in the latest initiative.

Working closely with IKEA’s visual merchandising manager Aileen Peter, they were tasked with exploring their environment in a new way to come up with creative ideas inspired by change.

Design lecturer Marissa Giannasi said: “Working closely with Aileen, we built an educational project where students got to manufacture products in Scotland.

“We worked with the Centre for Advanced Textiles within Glasgow School of Art to produce 68 bespoke textile designs and the Glasgow Ceramic Studio to create limited edition ceramics, meaning every student created a collection they could see and touch.

“We have had the media students working with the designers to document their journey through film and the photography students capturing the final designs.”