TEXAN rocker Erin Bennett is heading to Paisley for the official release of her second studio album.

The event will take place at the Feel The Groove record store, in Causeyside Street, on Saturday, February 10.

Erin will be following in the footsteps of Paisley’s own chart-topper Paolo Nutini, who performed a one-off intimate gig at the same store in October last year.

Born and raised in the USA, Erin has shaken the UK’s underground music scene since moving to Scotland in 2010.

The award-winning singer-songwriter/guitarist received positive reviews for her debut album ReFlowered in 2015 and stirred audiences with her promo tour in 2016.

Now she is looking forward to entertaining music fans in Paisley by performing acoustic tracks from her new album, Post Sexy, Post Truth.

The album features 12 original tracks which aim to take listeners on “a relentless journey of severe self-scrutiny.”

A spokesperson for Erin said: “Her crunchy, Texan guitar style and wide vocal range is woven wonderfully onto a backdrop of unforgiving and driving bass tones, rumbling and skilfully-played Hammond organs and tasteful, yet intricate drumming.

“All of this is capped with exceptional and surreal vocal harmonies.”

Erin, who won the Songwriter of the Year title at the Scottish New Music Awards in 2012, recorded Post Sexy, Post Truth at Watercolour Studios, in Fort William.

Adhering to a more “old fashioned” technique for recording, she was joined by members of her long-standing outfit The EB Band to perform the songs live together in the same room, in order to capture the musical atmosphere of their celebrated live shows, including pops, clicks, creaking springs and mumbles.

Erin’s acoustic performance at Feel The Groove is due to get under way at around 1pm.