AN Erskine woman is so fed up of standing in dog dirt that she is shaming people into picking it up in her own unique way.

Crafty resident Heather Clissett has used her talents in patchwork and design to create nifty dog print containers filled with disposable bags to pick up after pooches.

The problem of dog fouling is said to have become such an issue in Erskine, that she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Heather said: “The Erskine Community Group take part in regular litter picks and it is apparent that dog fouling is a huge problem.

“There are always comments about dog poo not being binned and kids getting into a mess standing into it.

“So I decided to make bag dispensers and hang them up around the area.

“A few years ago it was a problem but the number of dog owners has increased over the years so the issue is only getting worse.”

The 44-year-old, who used to have dogs of her own, would always carry dog litter bags in her pocket when taking her pet for a walk.

However, she can sympathise with owners who may forget or run out of bags at crucial moments.

Heather said: “As Erskine is built as a path network leading to different parts of the town, there is a lack of bins to dispose of waste.

“Often, residents find themselves, their kids or prams going through muck as a result of dog owners not picking up after their pets.”

There are six waterproof dispensers located in spots across Erskine with around 100 bags in each of them which she regularly tops up.

It is hoped that by making the disposable dog bags more accessible, this will encourage residents to pick up after their dogs.

A Renfrewshire Council spokesman said: “Renfrewshire Council is committed to tackling the issue of dog fouling through a combination of enforcement, education and public participation.

“The Renfrewshire Responsible Dog Ownership Strategy highlights four key priorities that we are focusing on: increased partnership working, promoting responsible behaviours, tackling persistent offenders and improving enforcement, and tackling out of control dogs.

“Our wardens attend complaints of dog fouling and part of the new strategy includes targeted enforcement within hotspot areas. Where a warden witnesses a dog owner fail to pick up after their dog, an £80 fixed penalty notice will be issued.

“Bins are placed in locations which are deemed to be main dog walking routes but all dog owners should be aware that any public bin can be used to dispose of waste.

“We would encourage anyone who witnesses dog fouling to report it via 0300 300 0380.”