A CHARITY that links veterans with companion dogs hosted a special show to raise awareness of its work.

Bravehound matches suitable dogs to veterans in a bid to help ex-servicemen and women make the transition to civilian life.

The dogs provide friendship, as well as promoting exercise and helping to establish a good routine.

And volunteers at the Bishopton-based charity were delighted when hundreds of people went along to their latest dog show.

Fiona MacDonald, founder of Bravehound, said: “It was a really good event.

“All of our Bravehounds got together with the veterans and many of the guests brought their own pets along too.

“The fun dog show was a huge success and we had the principal officer for the US Consulate here to judge the best salute.”

In addition to the dog show, there was music from Pamela Ruscoe and friends.

Other attractions included a craft fair and there was plenty of hotdogs and home-baked treats to make sure no-one went hungry.

Bravehound received a generous donation from Warburtons, who provided the hotdog buns and baked goodies.

A total of £1,000 was raised for the charity on the day and this will help to meet the cost of vet fees for the dogs in its care.

Where possible, the team at Bravehound look to rehome dogs from an animal welfare charity.

For more information or to lend your support, visit www.glenart.co.uk/g/bravehound/