TRIBUTES have flooded in for a popular young man who was well known in his home town for his good humour and personality.

Mark Lafreniere was much-loved by family and friends and his tragic death came as a devastating shock to those in the Johnstone community.

Mark was only 27 when he passed away earlier this month after suffering devastating injuries when he fell from a flyover in Glasgow.

His parents Alison and Mark, have been left heartbroken by the death of their son who they described as their “best big buddy”.

Alison said: “Mark was born in 1988, he was my first born child.

“After I had Mark I had my son Christopher but he died of cot death at seven months old.

“So the two brothers are now buried together and looking after one another.”

Mark’s funeral took place at St. Margaret’s Catholic Church, Johnstone on Monday and attracted a huge crowd wanting to say their final farewells.

Mark worked as window cleaner and many of his customers were there. Staff from the Celtic fan’s favourite Bar 67 also attended.

As well as his mother and father, Mark has left behind four heartbroken siblings, Gary, 24, Nicole 22, Kieran, 20 and Lauren 11.

Alison said: “He adored our youngest Lauren, he was completely besotted with her.

“He was always asking her ‘who’s your favourite brother?’ and she’d always say ‘you Mark’ as she knew she’s always get a wee treat or something out of saying that.

“He would say to her ‘I’ll always be there for you’ especially as she is just starting high school and is quite nervous about that.

“She is breaking her wee heart about it.

“We tried to explain that he is in heaven, but she asked ‘why can’t we just get a second chance?’ “When the Celtic and Rangers match was on, she woke up and came down and she asked when Mark was coming down.

“Then she bit her wee lip and said ‘sorry, I forgot he’s not here’.

“When he was in the coma at The Royal Infirmary Hospital and had awoken, the nurses asked if he was close to anyone and we said Lauren.

“I was scared to take the wee one down at first as she’s only 11, but I’m very proud of her.

“All the machines he was on, but we pretended they were spaceships.”

His father Mark remembers telling his son to look after himself before heading out on his final day, to which he replied ‘I’ll be fine’.”

Mark and Alison are very thankful for the hospital and police’s efforts, as well as the donations from a Go Fund Me page set up to help the family with funeral costs.

Mark said: “People have been so kind and good to us though and I’d like to thank everyone individually if I could.

“It’s a sin what’s happened to him, it’s a tragedy.

“No one knows what happened that night, only he can tell us.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better son though and I would do anything for him.

“He didn’t deserve what happened to him and we will never forget him.”