A QUADRUPLE amputee who almost died from sepsis has insisted lives will be saved after the Scottish Government decided to back a campaign to raise awareness of the condition.

Corinne Hutton, from Lochwinnoch, said she was “baffled” when Holyrood chiefs initially said they wouldn’t back the campaign.

She then made a video, through her amputee charity Finding Your Feet, which saw her talk about how sepsis caused her to lose her hands and legs, from the knee down.

The Facebook video received more than a million views and, last week, Health Secretary Shona Robison announced a U-turn on the issue, saying there would be a dedicated campaign.

Ms Hutton, a mum-of-one, said the decision would make a vital difference to people’s knowledge of the condition.

She added: “I was baffled as to why anyone wouldn’t want to raise awareness of any killer illness that could be reduced significantly by knowledge. It’s a no-brainer and, fortunately, it’s been rectified.

“The government’s campaign will raise awareness tenfold over what we and other campaigners have been able to do in recent months.

“We welcome their involvement and will continue the conversation about sepsis.

“Lives will be saved, resulting disabilities reduced and sepsis much more recognisable in the golden hour. That’s the very real and achievable dream.”

Sepsis, also known as septicaemia or blood poisoning, occurs when the body overreacts to an infection.

Ms Hutton had a bad cough for a couple of weeks and, the day after she took herself to the doctor, she was in hospital, fighting for her life.

Sepsis kills around 3,500 people every year in Scotland and identifying it within an hour is crucial to reducing this figure.

Ms Robison met with the Fiona Elizabeth Agnew Trust (FEAT), founded in memory of Dr Fiona Agnew and her daughter Isla, who both died from sepsis, before announcing her U-turn.

She said: “The Scottish Government has always been committed to raising awareness of the dangers of sepsis and this meeting was an important step in formalising our plans for a dedicated campaign.”