CHILDREN enjoyed a ‘wild’ time at a busy nature reserve as they went looking for all creatures great and small.

The fun took place at the RSPB reserve in Lochwinnoch, where youngsters were able to learn all about hedgehogs and make special boxes to help keep the spiky creatures warm as the winter season approaches and they prepare to hibernate.

Ashley McCrase, retail manager at the reserve, said: “There are several stations across the site and, at each one, there are lots of interactive things to do.

“During the holidays, we always try to arrange a specific challenge and this one focused on hedgehogs, as they will be hibernating soon.

“The children were able to learn how to make their own hedgehog boxes.

“The reserve is proving very popular with children.

“It’s a great way for them to learn about nature.

“They can come along for a few hours or just 20 minutes, whichever they prefer.”

Anyone visiting the reserve this season is advised to keep an eye out for fungus along the various walking trails as the weather gets wetter, as well as taking in the many colours which make up autumnal scenes.

Along the trails, visitors can also spot swallows and housemartins, often roosting in the wetland vegetation, and flocks of redwings and fieldfares will arrive to strip the trees of their wild fruits.

In winter, a wide variety of ducks will arrive to spend the season at the reserve, along with variable numbers of whooper swans.

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