A RECKLESS driver who was test-driving a luxury car caused alarm as he sped along a busy road, villagers claim.

Police received a complaint after Glasgow Audi hosted an event at the Mar Hall Hotel, in Bishopton, to showcase expensive models.

Residents claim to have seen a black Audi “racing” along Greenock Road at around 1.30pm on Sunday.

Bishopton man Brian Gaw, 44, said: “A black S5 Audi was whizzing up and down Greenock Road, spinning through the roundabout and back up again around six times.

“That road has seen its fair share of accidents and I remember, when I was younger, I saw a girl die there.

“I have young relations in the village and there were a lot of young children around there on Sunday afternoon. There could have been a serious accident.”

Inspector Cassie Glass, who is based at Johnstone Police Station, said: “The traffic police were in attendance and staff from Mar Hall have been spoken to.

“A complaint has been made to the organisers of this event.

“Anyone who has information about this should get in touch via 101.”

No-one at Audi Glasgow was available for comment.