Debate on violence against women

I was privileged to secure and lead the first ever debate in Westminster Hall on violence against women, and the role that men can play in combatting this gross injustice, last week in parliament.

I was delighted to see MPs from across the political spectrum, from across the constituent nations of the UK, attended and took part in this important debate.

It is an inexcusable shame and a national scandal that violence against women still persists in our society.

We can, we should and we must do more to combat the abhorrent acts of violence that are inflicted upon women in homes in our constituencies and across the UK.

We have a long journey yet to travel before women are guaranteed real equality instead of perceived equality – we must not rest on our laurels until we achieve this.

We all have a part to play in this important endeavour, no matter how big or how small our individual roles are.

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Labour’s logic on tax hikes?

Last week the Scottish Labour Party leader announced that her party would impose a regressive tax hike on every worker in Scotland if they won the Scottish Parliament election this May.

However, the more that we hear of Labour’s cynical, unfair and unworkable tax grab, the quicker it falls apart before our very eyes.

Labour’s punitive plans for an increase in income tax would punish cash-strapped Scots in times of Tory austerity.

The difference between the SNP and Labour is that the SNP wants to give Scots a pay-rise and bolster household incomes, whilst Labour want to give them a tax rise.

Here in Renfrewshire, the choice is clear – we can place our trust in Derek Mackay MSP, George Adam MSP and Tom Arthur and send them to the Scottish Parliament to represent Renfrewshire; or we can allow an out of touch Labour Party to drop tax bombshells on cash-strapped families.

West College Scotland fundraiser success

Congratulations to all of the West College Scotland students who raised over £900 for Genetic Disorders UK, a very worthy charity that exists to support individuals and their families who live with genetic disorders, on ‘Jeans for Genes’ Day. It’s always great to hear about good news coming from Renfrewshire. Well done!