As if tempers are not frayed enough with all the delays; breakdowns and downright frustrations trying to get in and out of the roads locally, it seems some cyclists are adding to motorists’ woes.

Now, let’s get this out right at the start, it seems a minority of cyclists are causing a lot of motorists a lot of frustration. Not every cyclist is a problem; not every cyclist is rude or abusive, but a minority do seem to be causing some distress to other road users.

The cyclists who travel in twos and threes in our local roads, in the main, don’t seem to care about vehicles behind them can’t pass. Now, I get it that cyclists reckon it is safer to travel in twos so that drivers give them sufficient space and don’t squeeze into their space – but cyclists who seem to think they are “king of the road” and don’t seem to be considering others, is getting to be a real issue.

It is good that more people are taking up cycling, but some of the offending cyclists need to be more aware of the issues. For instance, dressing in all black, and riding an all-black bicycle – what is that all about? Where is the fluorescent clothing; torches and bells, that could go some way to helping other road users around them.

Now, before all the drivers reading this think they are not at fault, that clearly is not the case. For instance, white diagonal markings on the road means you are not to overtake – and how many have done just that – on the road approaching the Red Smiddy roundabout for instance, or on the bend leading up to the St James roundabout – putting others at risk.

We all have to share the roads, and yes, cyclists do not need to sit an exam; nor take out insurance to go for a ride, but that doesn’t mean we have to be enemies to each other.

A little more consideration would be a start. Keep safe.