JOHNSTONE Burgh co-boss Davie Brolly admits times are tough at Keanie Park with preparations for next season being hindered by the club’s shaky financial situation.

Brolly and fellow co-manager Colin Smith’s side started back pre-season on Saturday, but they only have seven signed players with the rest of the squad padded out with trialists.

Last month the club launched a crowdfunding campaign due to a lack of finance amid fears the Burgh could go under.

However Brolly revealed the club’s future has been secured for this season at least, but with match day volunteers and committee members thin on the ground, the co-boss has asked for help from the local community.

He said: “I think we have a couple of sponsors and should be okay financially for next season, we’re still not in a great position but enough to see us through.

“In terms of committee members I think we’re still short, the club still needs more guys to help out.

“Around the club we’ve lost a few, one of the girls who worked in the kitchen area had a baby.

“We’re struggling for people to help out with the match day duties. The committee is only really three guys doing everything and your talking about two guys in their 60s and Brian has a walking stick.

“I think it has been too much for them because it is hard graft.

“It’s not an ideal situation for the club to be in. But that’s the position we’re in and we have to deal with it.”

Meanwhile on the playing front there was a further blow for Burgh with goalkeeper Robbie Kelly on the brink of a move to Lowland League side Cumbernauld Colts.

Brolly explained: “Our goalkeeper Robbie Kelly wants away, he won our player of the year and players’ players of the year last year.

“He’s asked to be released to go the Cumbernauld Colts. He’s been training with them through the summer. We wouldn’t stand in his way. We can’t offer money to players but what we do say is if you do well we won’t stand in your way if another club comes in.”