But with the deadline for entries fast approaching is your college or university signed up to give you a chance of gaining the prize?

GoEuro is a sophisticated travel search engine designed to allow users to quickly source details on everything from local train and bus schedules across continental Europe to national and regional air fares.

Instead of focusing solely on travel between major hubs its easy-referenced search engine allows users to rapidly plan elaborate journeys, showing them how to save time and money along the way by using the transport net to the best advantage - it can literally show you the quickest and cheapest way to get from , say, Aberdeen to Ibiza.

Now the firm is celebrating two hugely successful years by giving students the chance to win a 2,000 Euros bursary towards their education, and also a chance to work with the company at its base in the vibrant German capital.

Among those already signed up to participate in the scheme are the University of Aberdeen, University of Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian University, Heriot Watt University, North East Scotland College, and University of the West of Scotland.

GoEuro asks contestants to submit 1,500 words essays on the subject “A Closer Europe” - a broad theme which can span everything from improved travel to closer cultural links.

How entrants produce their presentation is completely open to them, because as well as an essay it could be based on modern communications aids, from Youtube clips to social media blog posts - whatever gets the message over in an effective way.

They can build in details of their own personal education and experience too, but the quality of the overall effort will be the determining factor in deciding the winner.

The best will win a scholarship for 2000 Euros and a one to three month internship with GoEuro in Berlin - but students have to apply for the programme by December 15 (and anyone whose college or university isn’t signed up should ask them to do so without further delay).

The winner of the contest will be announced on the GoEuro blog and across social media platforms at of the end of January.

GoEuro wants to understand what a closer Europe really means to young people, and how it might be possible to build that greater inter-connectivity.

And as a reward for giving the firm some real insight in a winning competition essay that means “Europe” could suddenly seem a great deal closer for some talented local student.

You can find out more here: http://www.goeuro.co.uk/scholarship