I AM standing for the Scottish Socialist Party for Paisley and Renfrewshire South because I believe it is time for a change.

We offer an alternative to the austerity that other political parties promise to deliver.

Austerity is not working and impacts on the most vulnerable in our community.

Our party are proud to represent all of the working class not just those who are in work.

All families work hard, and to differentiate between those in work and those not in work just causes conflict.

When I look at my neighbour’s curtains closed in the morning I worry about their welfare and that is what I want to bring back into politics.

Genuine concern for other people and the desire to make a difference in families lives.

85 per cent of families living in severe poverty have one working member, we need to change this and the need for food banks.

Our main policies are about tackling inequalities.

We call for a living wage of £10 now.

We had money to bail out the bankers and pay for a renewal of Trident.

This money should be invested in our people not in the hands of big business.

Most of all I want a kinder, fairer society, a place where all our bairns despite their background can grow tall and have equal opportunities.

Finally, despite this being a General Election campaign I want to reassure you we are not poverty tourists.

We are not parachuting into our communities but do so as true neighbours.

We will always be here and stand with you as we did as part of the Kids Need Our Ward campaign.