A talented beauty therapist is proving to be an internet hit after posting a video of herself singing when a client cancelled an appointment.

Chloe Boyd's growing number of admirers reckon she could probably give up her day job as a salon owner for a shot at the charts thanks to her rendition of Faith Hill's 'There You'll Be'.

The 23-year-old star in the making opened Elysium Beauty in Paisley in September and has been using the waits between customer appointments to showcase her singing skills.

Chloe said: “I have been singing since I was six years old. When I moved to Paisley, I became a member of a church junior choir, where I got my first solo at a Christmas carol concert three months after joining.

“Being brought up by a single mum, she did everything to afford my music tuition - singing, piano lessons, flute lessons and acting.

“As I have always loved music I originally decided to go to university to study music, but I loved the performing side and the course I was enrolled in was more production.

“I was completely blown away with the response I got with the video uploaded in August.

“There were so many notifications and even emails to book me to sing at weddings. 

“I don't realise I'm singing sometimes when clients are in until they bring it up.

“I have a very eclectic taste in music. I love singing ballads, something you can really belt out to.

“To be honest; I never really thought I had enough talent to pursue my dream in music. As most kids do, I always wanted to move to America and be a star.

“But growing up in Paisley, I assumed that that kind of lifestyle is most definitely a dream.”