A LINWOOD boy has made a bold move and shaved his hair off so he can proudly stand alongside those living with cancer.

Nine-year-old Benjamin Hutchison raised hundreds of pounds for Macmillan Cancer Support’s Brave the Shave campaign - and kept on smashing his target in the run up to the big day on November 5.

Ben’s sister, Sarah, aged 27, who helped set up an online fundraising page, told The Gazette she didn’t think donors would have given as much as they had.

She said: “In the first six hours, £100 was raised and I had to raise the target. Just now, it’s sitting at around £400, but it’ll have to be raised again. We’re aiming for £500. Ben is just smashing it.”

The charity wants to use all funds raised so it can help people take control back from the disease which develops in one in two people.

Sarah said her brother was moved to help after learning of family and friends who have suffered from cancer. Luckily, they’ve fully recovered, including mum Linda.

Sarah added: “He’s just so glad people are sitting up and paying attention to a wee nine-year-old boy.”

Mum Linda said Ben “had a bit of a wobble” after she said yes to his request of taking part. Speaking of how she felt prior to the big day, she said: “I think I’ll cry! I don’t like him to have his hair cut. He has lovely curls. But I’ll be happy, too. It’s for a good cause.”

Ben, a pupil at East Fulton Primary, said school staff had sponsored him, adding: “The headteacher called an assembly to say I’d been brave .

“My friends were a bit nervous for me. I think they were just used to my hair. I have one friend who’s thinking about doing it too. It’s something I’d definitely do again.

“I’m so happy that so many people sponsored me. Now, they can help more people and their families. Thank you to everyone who has donated.”

Anyone who still wishes to sponsor Ben can visit justgiving.com/fundraising/bensshave.

So far this year, there have been over 23,000 shavers across the UK who have collectively managed to raise more than £4.4 million for the cancer charity.