ELDERLY and disabled residents in Erskine have told how kids as young as 10 are making their lives a misery by going on the rampage.

Gangs of young people have been causing destruction in the Rashielee area, prompting police to launch a crackdown on criminal behaviour.

Unruly teens have been spotted smashing car windows, vandalising property and abusing residents.

Jean Johnstone, who is just one of the victims, told the Gazette: “It seems to be groups of children aged from 10 to 18 who are responsible.

“There is vandalism, cars damaged, footballs kicked against windows and noise.

“I’ve had my car windscreen smashed

as a result of one of their rampages.

“I live in a street where the majority of residents are either elderly or disabled but we have to deal with this at all hours.

“There is a constant need to repair fences and bins are often turned over. It is the residents who have to clear the mess the next day.

“Anyone who tries to speak to the culprits just gets abusive language in return.”

Police have vowed that tackling anti-social behaviour and criminal activity is a priority.

Chief Inspector Simon Wright, area commander, said: “The community of Erskine has suffered recently from an increase in anti-social behaviour, particularly incidents involving local young adults.

“While this type of behaviour may be seen by some as youths being youths, I am acutely aware of the negative impact their behaviour is having on the residents of Erskine.

“From discussions I have had personally with the community council and local elected members, I hear first-hand about the impact such behaviour is having on residents going about their business, as well as the financial cost of the damage caused.”

As a result of the rise in anti-social behaviour, there has been an increase in police patrols in Erskine.

More support is also being provided by the force’s mounted branch.

Ch Insp Wright added: “My message is very clear – be in no doubt that police officers will take robust action against any criminal behaviour.”

Members of the Erskine community can report crime by calling the police on 101.