FED-UP golfers have taken aim at boozy kids as young as 13 who have been going on the rampage at a popular course.

The teeny tipplers have left a trail of destruction in their wake, knocking down a stone wall, wrecking signs and equipment and stealing flags from the greens.

Colin Haldane, chairman of Elderslie Golf Club, said the regular boozing sessions are like an ‘underage Woodstock.’

Mr Haldane said: “Apparently, kids come from as far away as Ralston to pitch up here.

“Shops need to stop selling them alcohol. Where are they getting it?

“These kids are certainly not 18. Many of them look between 13 and 15, yet they have backpacks full of alcohol.”

The boozed-up youths have been gathering at woodland near the golf club, with a number of local residents complaining about their behaviour.

It’s believed the drinking sessions are being arranged through private social media group conversations.

Mr Haldane added: “Hundreds of pounds have went into repairing vandalism in the area over the past few months but many residents have given up on fixing the damage as they believe it will simply happen again.”

Police confirmed they are aware of the problem and are taking action to deal with the culprits.

Sergeant Alan Mack, based at Johnstone Police Office, said: “Officers have been working closely with residents to identify areas where these young people are drinking and causing annoyance.

“There has been an increase of patrols on foot and there are plain-clothed officers in the area. It is hoped that, by acting at an early stage, this will prevent more serious issues from developing.”