A BRAVE double-amputee has proved that losing limbs doesn’t mean losing your lust for life...by setting sail around the Canary Islands on a tall ship adventure.

Samantha Middleton, who lost both her legs and most of her fingers in a battle with septicaemia in 2003, was thrilled to get the chance to join the crew of The Tenacious – one of only two tall ships in the world designed to be sailed by a crew with varied physical abilities.

The Elderslie woman set sail on a seven-day voyage from Gran Canaria on January 6 before completing her adventure there on Saturday.

She was part of a 60-strong crew that included 18 people with disabilities.

And the trip was far from a holiday, as it involved challenges such as setting the sails, going aloft and helming the ship, as well as cooking and cleaning.

Despite the hard work, 43-year-old Samantha said she thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

She told The Gazette: “It was a real challenge. There were no home comforts – just friendly, happy people mucking in.

“It was a very hard-working ship. They didn’t like slackers – cleaning was called ‘happy hour.’

“All the sails had names and functions. It baffled me but that’s okay.

“From the minute you’re up, you’re working. You also have a watch job, which is four hours and can be anything from morning to the middle of the night.

“I will need a week in the Maldives after this but the atmosphere was amazing.”

Samantha was sent on the trip by amputee charity Finding Your Feet, which was founded by Corinne Hutton, from Lochwinnoch, who lost her hands and legs after contracting sepsis and pneumonia in 2013.

Corinne has congratulated Samantha on her achievement.

She said: “The trip would have been tough but life-changing.

“Sam was struggling when we met her but, much like the others we work with, her confidence has grown so much.

“I can’t wait to see what this voyage has done for her self-esteem.”

For more information about Corinne’s charity, visit www.findingyourfeet.net.