THOSE who are considering getting a new inking are invited to take part in an epic tattoo challenge.

A studio based in Paisley is calling on those brave enough to sit in the chair and get inked for seven hours straight.

Mohawk Tattoo describe this as the 'ultimate endurance test' and those who manage to keep it together for the set time get a a 20 per cent discount on a tattoo -  and a place on the wall of fame.

The idea was based on Man v Food where people are challenged to eat huge amounts of food for a free dinner and fame.

However in this case the goal is to spend an entire day in the chair getting tattooed without quitting or taking time out.

Those who complete the full day will go up on the wall of fame at the Old Sneddon Street parlour and a £100 discount off the cost of the tattoo.

Full day tattoo sessions usually cost over £500, so this challenge is an opportunity to get new body art for a reduced cost.