YOUNGSTERS in Renfrew took a step back in time to their school’s opening day when a logbook from the 1960s was unearthed.

Staff at Kirklandneuk Primary were thrilled to discover the book in a box of archives while having a clear-out.

Inside were details of all the staff on duty when the school first opened its doors on August 28, 1961, along with the number of pupils.

The class of 2018 also discovered that camera crews from the BBC and STV had visited Kirklandneuk for its big day almost 60 years ago.

Alison Coyle, deputy headteacher, said pupils were surprised to find there were 453 children at the school back then, most of whom had transferred from Blythswood and Moorpark primary schools.

She added: “There are 476 pupils in the school now and we thought there would have been much less than 453 back in 1961.

“I guess there were fewer primary schools back then and, as it was Renfrew’s first full primary school, rather than having separate infant and junior buildings, I suppose there would have been a fair number of students.

“We found the book in a box of archives under the stage in the hall. Some staff were quite surprised that you used to have to log everything that happened in these books.

“It was very interesting to find and I think the pupils enjoyed seeing the names of the teachers. The mum of one of the current office staff worked in the school back then and she recognised one of the names.

“The book was in great condition and we will be keeping it safe.”

There were 13 teachers at Kirklandneuk Primary on its opening day, with the logbook noting how they all met in the previous June to get to know each other.

The headteacher back when the school opened was Alfred McNeil and the deputy head was George Ballantyne.

The school roll was made up of 215 boys and 238 girls.

Any former Kirklandneuk Primary pupils or staff who would like to take a peek at the historic find should go online at