RENFREWSHIRE police have issued a warning not to travel today due to 'hazardous weather conditions'.

Roads have been severely affected, with fresh and drifting snow making many roads "impassable" particuarly in rural areas and on side roads.

No real thaw is expected today with the sub-zero temperatures persisting.

A Police spokesman said: "The advice is not to travel, stay safe.

"If you do expect delays, disruption, weather conditions are localised and can vary dramatically.

"Be prepared , ensure your vehicle is fuelled, you have a mobile phone and where possible the capability to charge it.

"Take emergency supplies, food, fluids and warm clothing, winter safety kits.

"If you do become stranded stay with you vehicle if it safe to do so and wait for assistance from Police or other Roads Agencies Operators, bear in mind all agencies are extremely busy responding to incidents and expect delays."

Ensure you are checking the most up to date information from Traffic Scotland and the Met Office.

Check @PoliceScotland, @TrafficScotland, @MetOffice for the latest information.