ERSKINE residents leapt into action to rescue an ambulance crew stuck in snow.

The ambulance became trapped in deep snow and ice when crews were called to an emergency near Park Winding at around 10am on Thursday.

Around 11 men and women could be seen helping to free the vehicle after it became lodged deep in the snow on the residential road.

The elderly female patient was safely taken away in the ambulance to the Royal Alexandra Hospital around an hour later.

Erskine man David Bunting said: "Well done to everyone that came to help with getting these ambulances moving again.

"There was an elderly lady needing hospital treatment in Park Winding, Erskine.

"Due to the hill that we are on nothing can access other than 4x4’s so a Park Winding resident David Campbell, an off duty fireman, used his 4x4 to get the lady from her house to the ambulance along with paramedics as they were stuck on Park Drive.

"There was about 11 men and woman helping to dig out the two ambulances for them to make their way to the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

"This all started at 10.05am and they were eventually able to get away with the patient at 11.04am."