AMPUTEES from across Renfrewshire have spoken about the “life-changing” effects a charity’s fitness and wellbeing classes have had on them.

Finding Your Feet, founded by quadruple amputee Corinne Hutton, from Lochwinnoch, in 2013, now runs 50 clubs for people across Scotland who have lost limbs.

Classes include the likes of rock climbing, swimming, yoga and skiing at Snow Factor in Braehead – proving that being an amputee is no barrier to enjoying life.

Samantha Middleton, from Elderslie, who lost both her legs and most of her fingers in a battle with septicaemia, said attending fitness classes has had a profound effect.

She told The Gazette: “The gym sessions with Finding Your Feet at SWEAT Gym have been life-changing for me.

“Since starting them, I’ve reduced my medication and learned how my leg muscles work and what exercises can benefit me.

“My walking distance has definitely improved and so has my social life.”

Ampu-Teas is another club the charity is running to allow amputees to socialise, share useful information and have access to an in-house counsellor and massage therapist.

Paisley woman Suzanne Harkins, who is without her right arm, said she has thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people at the sessions.

She added: “The Ampu-Teas club has been a great way for me to meet friends.

“After my operation I was feeling isolated at home, with nowhere to go, but it gives me a chance to get out and meet people who have been through similar things.

“It’s eye-opening to chat about our experiences and we have a great laugh together.”

Single below-knee amputee John Murphy, from Paisley, attends swimming and go-karting clubs through Finding Your Feet.

He said: “Being an amputee, you have to exercise the muscles that are taking extra strain.

“My shoulders were tense and my walking wasn’t great but the swimming sessions have changed all of that.

“We’ve also been go-karting, which was brilliant because I’ve always had the need for speed.

“Finding Your Feet takes you out of that black hole and gets you together with others who are struggling.”

Many of the activities take place at Finding Your Feet’s headquarters at Skypark, in Glasgow.

The headquarters also hosts Strum Sesh, where those who play instruments can go along and have a jam together.

To find out more about the various clubs the charity runs, visit