A COUNCILLOR is calling for action at an accident blackspot where a number of Johnstone residents have taken a tumble.

John Hood claims a combination of overgrown trees and poor lighting is making the steep hill at Linn Brae, near Beith Road, a danger zone.

The Labour man, who represents Johnstone South and Elderslie, said: “The issue has been ongoing for a number of months.

“Leaves aren’t being cleared and the lighting is very poor in the area.

“People are not able to see where they are going and slip on the leaves. It is dangerous for older people in particular.

“It is becoming a health and safety issue as several of my constituents have fallen at this spot – myself included.”

Cllr Hood said the hazard has been particularly bad during cold weather.

He added: “I have approached the council several times to resolve this. Something must be done soon before someone is badly injured.”

A spokesman for Renfrewshire Council said the area is swept on a “programmed basis” to remove any slip hazards.

He added: “Where new LED lighting has been installed, there is an ongoing programme of vegetation removal and Beith Road is part of this programme.

“A great deal of effort goes into ensuring that our high priority routes are kept clear of snow and ice, with other routes only able to be attended to as resources and circumstances allow.”