AN Erskine mother who was a victim of revenge porn has joined a high-profile fight to ‘Save Our Trolls’ after taking part in a spoof charity song highlighting online abuse.

Kelly McGurk, 29, became involved in recording the song, which features vocals from pop singer Charlotte Church, and acting stars Miranda Hart and Andy Serkis, after she became a victim of online trolling. Kelly’s ex-boyfriend Jamie Leitch took explicit photos of her as she slept and shared them with his friends after they split up.

Leitch was spared jail for the offence after pleading guilty at Paisley Sheriff Court last September, but Kelly was targeted by trolls for telling her story.

The song, created by agency Mother, was broadcast for the first time on Monday during Woman’s Hour on Radio 4, and features Kelly and three other women who have also experienced online abuse.

Kelly said: “All of us had different stories, but we had all experienced online abuse.

“We wanted to create something that would really open people’s eyes to the issue. We want people to think before they sit down at a computer screen, because these people wouldn’t say these things to someone’s face.

“But we also want to make sure there is support for these trolls because there has to be something seriously wrong with them. I hope we have raised some awareness.”

Kelly did many interviews with top news outlets after waiving her anonymity, but generally experienced a negative reaction from people.

The mother-of-one said she hopes the song will change that perception.

She said: “I did a lot of interviews but there was a lot of negativity around them, with people telling me I shouldn’t have done it and things like that, and we wanted to get something out there that wasn’t negative.

“We are all very passionate about this song and think it was a great way to get the message across.

“Everyone out there has at some point been bullied.

“Even I have been nasty to people in the past, I’m not trying to make out I’m an angel.

“Singing is a great way to communicate things and we hope it will make a difference.”

Kelly was sent screenshots of photos that Leitch had been passing around months after she ended the relationship due to his controlling behaviour.

Leitch, who was Kelly’s partner for four years, was placed on the Sex Offenders Register for 18 months and is being supervised by social workers for that time.

He was also handed a Community Payback Order and was instructed to pay Kelly £500 in compensation.

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