A THUG who battered his mum in her Renfrew home on Valentine’s Day has been caged for the attack.

David Robb chased doting mum Linda around the property in Kirklandneuk Road and attacked her so violently that she ran out into the street in tears.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard the pair began arguing as she wanted him to go to hospital to get treatment for a head wound which was so bad police had contacted her about it.

But he thanked her for her kindness with violence, grabbing her by the hair and hitting her head off a wall.

She then ran into the living room but he followed her, grabbed her by the neck and pushed her to the floor.

After the police were called, 28-year-old Robb was arrested and detained in custody until appearing in the dock at court, where he admitted assaulting her.

Robb, of Thrushcraig Crescent, Paisley, was later granted bail but was banned from approaching or contacting his mum or entering her street.

However, on March 9, he broke the court ban by going back to his mum’s house.

Robb knocked on the door and asked for his mobile phone but his mum refused to let him in and contacted the police.

When officers arrived, he hurled abuse at them, shouting: “I’m gonna do you all in. You’re getting it as soon as I’m out. I’m gonna batter every one of you.”

Robb was arrested and held in police custody again before pleading guilty to charges of breaching bail by approaching his mum and behaving in a threatening or abusive way by his conduct towards police officers.

Sheriff Kevin Duffy jailed him for four months.

Last week, Robb returned to the dock to be sentenced for the Valentine’s Day attack on his mum, with Sheriff Seith Ireland handing him a further 98 days behind bars.

Sheriff Ireland told Robb that sentence will start once his current prison term has been served.