Police have been staging extra patrols in Linwood this week after a teenage girl suffered a horrific sex attack in woods near a sports centre.

In addition to extra officers and CCTV coverage in the area, mounted police were deployed in Linwood last night (Tuesday, May 1) to try and reassure local residents following the horrific attack.

Police horses Brora and Lanark will also remain in the area today (Wednesday, May 2).

As previously reported by the Gazette, the 14-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by a hooded man in dark clothing after she separated from a group of friends on her way home.

The girl went into the wooded area next to the On-X, in Brediland Road at around 9.45pm on Saturday, April 22 to look for something she had lost before being subjected to the traumatising ordeal.

Officers also carried out a stop-and-speak operation outside the On-X sports centre, in Linwood, on Saturday – one week on from when the assault took place.

Around 40 people were spoken to by detectives and uniformed cops during the operation.

Officers are now looking through the information gathered and will follow up any new lines of enquiry.