Bright sunshine made a welcome guest appearance as members of Enable Scotland’s Renfrew branch staged their annual fundraiser.

A total of 40 stalls were set up along Sandy Road to raise money for the charity, which works towards equal rights for those with a learning disability.

Those who went along to the fete were able to pick up a host of goods, including toys and books, as well as tucking into the likes of ice-cream, popcorn and burgers.

There were also a selection of attractions for children to enjoy, with roundabouts and bouncy castles proving popular.

Charles Newlands, branch secretary, said: “Our annual fundraiser is an opportunity to raise money for the Enable social club in Renfrew.

“The fete brought in nearly £5,000, which is excellent.

“Events such as this are great because they also generate awareness of what we do as a group and the role the community can play.”

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