FRUSTRATION is growing over the state of a former school site that has become a “dumping ground”, despite previous assurances it would be marketed for housing.

At the latest meeting of Johnstone Community Council, members hit out at the state of the site where St David’s and Cochrane Castle primaries used to sit.

They claim it has become a dumping ground since pupils moved to a new joint campus more than 10 years ago.

Councillor John Hood, who represents Johnstone South and Elderslie, has been calling for action to be taken for the past year.

He said: “I have had several site visits with officers and residents about the lack of maintenance of the Howwood Road area.

“It seems it has been left behind and this is totally unacceptable.

“The school sites have become a dumping ground.”

The old school buildings were demolished when the pupils moved to the joint campus and, in the Renfrew-shire Local Development Plan, council chiefs have identified the site for housing as part of the Johnstone South West Community Growth Area.

A Renfrewshire Council spokesman said: “The council will be actively marketing the site of the former St David’s Primary and Cochrane Castle Primary as a potential housing site.

"There are encouraging signs of a more positive development market, with the recent delivery of projects at nearby Fordbank and Spateston.

“The development of sites such as this by private developers supports our investment into affordable housing in the Johnstone area, providing the range and mix of accommodation required to meet the needs of existing and future residents.”