Some heavenly bargains were on offer as a Renfrew church staged its annual fair.

The fun took place at Renfrew Trinity Church, in the town’s Paisley Road, with the impressive total of £2,300 being raised.

All proceeds go towards church funds – and visitors to this year’s event certainly got their money’s worth, with a variety of stalls, games and activities for the whole community to enjoy.

Goods on offer included plants, toys, jewellery, home baking and CDs.

Children were able to make the most of a kids’ corner, face painting and Lego competition, with some of the grown-ups also seizing the chance to show off their skills with the little toy bricks.

Event co-ordinator Sandra Jolly said: “It went really well and we were in complete shock when we found out how much was raised.

“We are actually still counting up some money that was raised after the event from additional plant sales.

“It wasn’t just about the money – everyone who helped out at the stalls had such a laugh and there was a great sense of community spirit on display.”

And the good faith of the church community also shines through after the event as, each year, any leftover goods are donated to local homeless units and foodbanks.

Sandra continued: “We don’t price things too highly, so most of the items do get sold, but anything that is left over goes to charity. Nothing is wasted.”