POLICE have issued a warning after fraudsters conned a Bishopton man out of tens of thousands of pounds.

The 37-year-old victim is understood to have lost more than £30,000 after crooks contacted him and claimed to be from his bank during an elaborate scam that took place between May 9 and 22.

The man received a Whatsapp message which linked to a survey, part of which asked him for confidential details, including his date of birth, address and bank account number.

He was then phoned and told his bank account had been compromised, with advice given to transfer all of his money into a special account.

Officers investigating the crime are reminding people that banks will never telephone to ask for account details.

People are also asked to be wary of Whatsapp messages received from accounts purporting to be their bank.

A police spokeswoman said: “Never, under any circumstances, give out your bank details over the phone. No matter who is calling, even if you think you can trust the person, don’t give out your details.”