A QUICK-THINKING police officer has been hailed as “a true hero” after saving the life of a teenager who was threatening to jump from a bridge over one of Renfrewshire’s busiest roads.

Constable Ashleigh McLachlan took swift action to rescue the 19-year-old girl amid fears she would plunge from the A737 flyover near Johnstone town centre.

The policewoman managed to grab the teenager from the edge of the bridge and lead her to safety.

Chief Superintendent Gordon Crossan, who is Renfrewshire’s top officer, has described Constable McLachlan’s efforts as “outstanding.”

He said: “A life was saved by an officer’s quick thinking, bravery and actions.

“It won’t show up on any crime statistics but take a minute to reflect on what the outcome could have been...

“It was outstanding and typical of the professionalism, decision-making and commitment of our people.

“We live in a society of vulnerability, people who need our help. I have confidence my officers can deal effectively with ambiguity and this act by PC McLachlan is why I have that confidence in Renfrew-shire and Inverclyde police staff.

“Well done and thank you for saving a life.”

The incident happened in Barochan Road, near the Morrisons store, on May 30. The teenager was taken to hospital for assessment after being talked down by Ms McLachlan.

Inspector Cassie Glass, who is based at Johnstone Police Office, also praised Constable McLachlan for “a fantastic piece of decision-making and bravery.”

She added: “If not for her quick-thinking action, the incident could  have ended tragically.

“Well done to PC Ashleigh McLachlan, a true hero.”