A GROUP of Ferguslie Park women will join thousands of others from across the UK for a special celebration this weekend.

They are heading to Edinburgh on Sunday to take part in PROCESSIONS – a mass participation artwork.

Wearing green, white or violet, the colours of the suffragette movement, they will join a march to celebrate 100 years since women were given the right to vote.

Flying the flag for Paisley are women who have been taking part in the ‘100 Years, 100 Banners’ programme, which has seen 100 organisations across the UK collaborate with 100 female artists to create unique banners for PROCESSIONS.

Based within the Tannahill Centre, the programme is an intergenerational collaborative work between Strong Women in Ferguslie Together (SWIFT), The Feegie Needlers and a variety of local youth groups.

It has involved workshops which gave women the chance to talk about issues that matter to them, raising awareness of the role they play in the Ferguslie community and helping them understand that their voices matter.

This has been incorporated into the banner, which features the names of women who have contributed to the wellbeing and creativity of the community, with many of the women mentioned being relations of those who are working there today.

For local artist Mandy McIntosh, the banner – featuring the slogan ‘Feegie Wummin, we’re a breed o oor ain’ – celebrates the resilience of Ferguslie women in the here and now.

She said: “We wanted to use the word ‘Feegie’ to show the public that these women think positively about their home and are extremely proud to come from Feegie Park.”

Carol Anderson, a community work assistant who supports the SWIFT group, said the women have embraced the cross-generational aspect of the project.

She added: “It’s been a great opportunity for the different groups to work together, sharing their knowledge and stories of the community.”

Renfrewshire Provost Lorraine Cameron said: “The banner made by the women from Ferguslie truly tells the story of their community.

“Local people are making Ferguslie a place to be proud of once again – and the women will further that cause by taking Ferguslie to Edinburgh to display their proud banner."