A Renfrew cafe, which opened last month, has seen huge success with locals, following the launch of a new healthy meal prep range.

Caffe Grande, located on High Street, offers up a range of the finest azzurro coffees from local entrepreneur Mario Formisano alongside artisan ciabattas and light lunches. 

But proving the most popular at the cafe is the Pure Meal Prep, providing customers with high quality, low-carb, protein rich foods which can be taken home and consumed at their leisure on a meal plan.  

After carrying out extensive research, the team at Caffe Grande pin-pointed the kinds of food that people eat on a daily basis and why they are struggling with health, weight and other factors.

The Gazette:

Chef and owner, Cara Roberts is passionate about healthy meals but feels that there are not enough organic and fresh food options out there.

She said: "Here’s the thing, people are looking for a result that is superficial just to look good, they don’t really consider that this is done from the inside out. The problem is; we are not eating food anymore. We are eating ‘food-like’ products.

"A hundred years ago, all food was organic, local, seasonal and fresh. ALL FOOD WAS FOOD. Now, mainly due to the diet industry’s deceptive strategies, people are misinformed now, more than ever."

She believes that the way to lose weight and keep the weight off is through proper meal preparation and lifestyle changes.

"Up to two thirds of those on a diet regain more weight than when they started. Diets don’t work. FACT! Lifestyle changes and preparation works", she added.

For Cara and her team, it is all about the local, fresh, seasonal, organic and nutritional options and they believe they have cracked the code on how to prepare the perfect healthy meals.

And the proof is in the profit, as sales for Caffe Grande's Pure Meal Prep have quadrupled over night.

Cara said: "I was putting my phone down and waking up to more and more orders that were coming through as I slept!

"We have Pure Gym on board as well, the PTs are taking up to 30 meals a day and recommending us to their clients. As well as MD Body Engineering, Optimize Coaching And Storm Fitness Coaching.

"Storm Fitness Apparel are even branding our logo on their clothing!"

The cafe assures customers that it is not just salads on the menu and there are a variety of options on offer including Cajun Chicken Breasts and Mexicana Rice or Steak Fajitas all expertly prepared by 'a professional chef who cares what you’re putting in your body'.

At Caffe Grande the mantra is 'fail to prepare - prepare to fail' and people from Renfrew and beyond are stopping and listening.