TRADERS and residents in Johnstone and Renfrew could face having to pay for parking permits as part of plans to overhaul regulations in both town centres.

A study by Renfrewshire Council proposes charging up to £50 per vehicle for those who live or run a business in the town centres.

A report to the council’s infrastructure board proposes that car parks furthest from the centre would be designated as long-stay.

Tom Wallace, chairman of Johnstone Community Council, said Renfrewshire Council keeps “re-packaging” the plans but needs to listen to the people of the town.

He said: “They have wasted £41,000 on this consultation, which they wouldn’t have had to do if they had just listened to us.

“The people of Johnstone have spoken and they have said no charges and no parking meters because they would do a lot of damage to Johnstone.

“The people I’ve spoken to about permits have not been happy about it. 

“The council hasn’t said exactly where these permits will be in force. There isn’t enough information.

“They just keep re-packaging it and asking the same question. The people of Johnstone do not want this, so why are they so determined to make it happen?”

The report does not say which streets would require residents to get permits for, but the council is initially considering those which surround the railway station in Johnstone.

A Renfrewshire Council spokesman said the consultation would help to inform the next steps in the process and the results from it would be presented to the wider public to allow them to comment on any changes.